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Puzzle Games

Challenge the mind in a fun and exciting way with our different puzzles. Learn the alphabet with the peg puzzle alphabet puzzle. Find out about farm animals with the farm puzzle.

Teach your child shapes with the shapes puzzle. Or help them learn about fruits with the fruit jigsaw.

Counting is one of the first things a toddler learns. That’s why the number jigsaw can help them do just that.

Assist them with transportation vehicles with the motor vehicles puzzle.

Decode the sudoku 3D puzzle game for a mind boggling challenge. Or go old school with the 3D color cube.

Create a raceway for your racecars with the car mat and wooden bridge.

Creative mosaic picture puzzles are fun way for your child to practice patterns and learn colors.

The White House 3D puzzle is a win-win because they can challenge their tactile skills while learning about American government.