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Toys, toys, toys are so much fun. Become a construction worker with a worker helmet. Become a baller scientist with scientist goggles. Go in disguise with glasses, nose and mustache combo.

Mini flute instruments bring music to the house. What kid can resist sticky hands? Neon sunglasses are a fun party favor or keep all 24 for yourself.

The party favors are usually the best part of any children’s party, right? Pretend to be a dentist with wind-up walking teeth.

Get lost in a 4-way tunnel pop-up tent. Feather boas make any young girl feel fancy. Indoor and outdoor bowling sets are a fun way to get everyone involved, no matter the age.

Create your own challenge course with plastic traffic cones. Whoopee cushions are a silly way to get the kids giggling.

Own your own store with a play fruit set and shopping basket. Be a doctor with a doctor playset.

Strengthen the mind with a cubed puzzle brain twisting game. Who doesn’t love turtles? Get the fun turtle erasers as your party favor.

Be a diva with a pack of fingerless fishnet wrist gloves that would make ‘80s Madonna jealous.

You can’t go wrong with toys.