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Handheld Microphone Loudspeaker

Handheld Microphone Loudspeaker


Product Description

Pretend play is an essential part of children’s development. The loudspeaker is an awesome and fun learning tool
for growing kids. Mom’s also love the fact that it enhances your child’s social and interactive skillsets which are also
key elements of kid’s developmental process. An Party favorite and a superb party theme
for all kids. Can be a given out with party bags or used as a standalone centerpiece for table 
spreads, which creates a spectacular scene.

Role Play:
Enhances children’s social and interactive skills and encourages role play in real time scenarios.
Kids can make believe they are professors or coaches with this cool toy. 

Party favorite:

Keep those busy bodies occupied with hours of fun. The novelty toy 
can be used a party theme. Place it on table spreads as a centerpiece, and add some NOISE, to your 
next birthday or BBQ event. 

Battery powered so your kids can enjoy endless hours of educational and fun play time. 
its no holds bars, all out fun for kids of all ages, with this spectacular musical toy. 

Voice Recorder
A built in audio voice recorder allows for instant replay, and children will enjoy hearing audio
snippets of themselves with the awesome playback feature.

Let their vivid imaginations to run freely, while they play karaoke, enjoy music, 
control crowds, listen to sirens and also audio snippets of themselves..

Gift Idea:
A fun gift offering for all holiday events and occasions. Kids of all ages will enjoy being
in the fun zone with this imaginative toy. 

- Ages 2 years +
- Material | Plastic

- x1 Musical Megaphone Loudspeaker with travel strap

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