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HDI Trading, Inc. began life a few years ago when three childhood friends decided it was time to earn a living. Not sure what to do, but knowing that e-commerce is the future of retail, they knew the answer could be found somewhere on the web.

Young, ambitious, but somewhat inexperienced, they set out to learn the ropes by each choosing a product line and taking the plunge into e-commerce. Over time, they learned how to buy, market and sell, and, most importantly, provide their customers with value and service. In 2015, armed with this knowledge, they decided to parlay their separate success and form HDI Trading, Inc.

HDI’s business philosophy is simple: have what the customer wants, offer it for the lowest possible price, make sure it’s always in stock and deliver it on-time, free-of-charge.

We are glad you’ve taken the time to visit our site and welcome the opportunity to service your shopping needs. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, please visit [insert Contact Us link]. We look forward to hearing from you.