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Going camping, you expect a great tent, right? A reflective emergency survival tent can keep you sheltered and warm at the same time. Easy to set up, and easy to take down, the tent is an ideal way to get through the night.

The Tent is foldable, shiny, and bright. It comes with string to attach to the trees and lay the tent over. It’s compact and easy to store.

The material is made of durable insulating mylar material designed by NASA for space exploration.

It’s so affordable, we even offer the tents in a pack of three.

We have beautiful, multi-colored tent stakes you can use to keep your tent down in style. We have pink, black, silver, and a group of all three. The tent stakes come in packs of 12.

A battery powered outdoor LED light can keep things bright for you to put the tent together, find your toothbrush or play poker.