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Top 3 Ways to Play Sudoku

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Sudoku, a Japanese numbers puzzle game, is a great way to exercise your brain. It requires mental toughness and logic skills, which is why many math teachers have their students solve Sudoku puzzles. It can also help kids and adults improve their concentration and provide an alternative to playing video games or watching a video during their spare time. But, did you know there’s more than one way to play Sudoku?

Here are the top three ways you can play:

1. Online

You play computer and video games online, so why not Sudoku? Through the Sudoku website, you can try (for free) to fill in this logic puzzle’s 9x9 grid. Play on a computer or on your mobile device, and choose your level of difficulty—beginner, easy hard or expert. The online version also offers numerous language options, as well as Sudoku tips for beginners. If you really want to challenge yourself, the online puzzle has a timer so you can race yourself and try to improve with each puzzle.

2. Book

For those of you who prefer turning an actual rather than virtual page, grab yourself a paperback Sudoku book. You can buy them online or from your local bookstores or retail stores. Most books come with hundreds of puzzles for every Sudoku skill level so you can gradually improve from beginner to master. They also include the answers...but be sure to resist the urge to cheat! ;)

3. 3D Cube Game

A way to play Sudoku you’ve probably never thought of is with a 3D Sudoku puzzle cube. This Rubik’s-like cube is inexpensive, yet challenging. And because you have to twist and turn it, it works your brain, concentration skills and hand-and-eye coordination all at the same time. It’s also small and lightweight, making it the perfect way to entertain yourself and test your problem-solving abilities while on the go, at your desk or in between meetings. You might think this version is for adults only, but this 3D cube is for anyone 5 years old and older.

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