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Springtime Space Saver: Fishing Pole Storage

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One of the most enjoyable springtime activities is taking the family fishing. Heading to the local lake or river for a day, or just an evening, on the water is relaxing, fun, and rewarding. Plus, it gets your kids out from behind a computer screen and in front of nature.

There’s just one problem. Between the last fishing trip of the fall and the first in spring, all the poles seem to have an innate ability to get tangled and create a giant mess in your garage.

You can go the usual route of hanging them on a pegboard or putting all the poles in a bucket and hoping that keeps everything in order. Both of those solutions present problems, though. Fishing line loves to catch on anything and everything - especially pegboards. You’ll either spend a ton of time untangling fishing line - worse than the controller cords for your kids’ gaming stations - or get frustrated and cut all of the line. That means you’ll have to buy new line and consistently spool it onto the fishing reels on a pretty regular basis.

Storing the poles in a bucket creates a problem similar to pegboards, except in this case the rods tangle around each other instead of on a pegboard.

So is there a solution to saving space and reducing the clutter created by your fishing poles? You bet there is.

It’s called the rod storage rack holder and it’s about to give you back more room in your garage than you realized was being occupied by all your fishing poles. It stands all of your poles upright, each separated by their own grooved rack. This keeps the poles away from each other, minimizing or completely eliminating the opportunity for rods to get tangled with each other.

The best part about this, though, is how much space you’ll be able to save in your garage by using this type of product for fishing poles, and even gardening equipment. Springtime is always associated with cleaning and “starting over,” and there’s almost no better way to do it than figuring out how to save the most space possible in your garage.

So don’t let the clutter happen to you. Take the time to organize your fishing pole and other tool storage, use the right products to do so, and get rid of the headaches caused by constantly tripping over gear in the garage or wondering where you’re going to store certain items. 

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