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9 Spring Party Decoration Ideas

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The season of spring brings with it warmer weather, the rebirth of flowers and an excuse to throw fun outdoor parties with colorful, cheerful party decorations. From table centerpieces to backdrops and food, here’s how you can welcome the season and your guests with beautiful spring decorations.

1. Birch-Wrapped Nest Centerpiece

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A bird nest is an idyllic sign of rebirth. It’s gentle, yet alluring, especially when you fill one with pink and white tulips or peonies. You could also fill it with decorative Easter eggs. For this DIY decor, all you need is a wooden basket and brown wire that you wrap around and secure to the basket to create the fake nest and then whatever you choose to fill the nest with.

2. Colorful Entrance Boots

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Spring wreaths are a great seasonal guest greeter, but that’s what everyone has. This year, add a cute, colorful surprise at your front door with vibrant rain boots filled with red, pink and yellow flowers. You’ll want to use floral water tubes to keep the flowers fresh, and tying a coordinating ribbon around each boot adds a nice finishing touch.

3. Watering Can Flower Arrangements

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Wanting to throw a spring garden party? This arrangement is the perfect addition. The color and size of the vase are up to you, and depending on the size of the tables they’re being placed on, but we do recommend using fresh flowers from the garden where you’re hosting the party.

4. Bird Nest Cupcakes

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These cupcakes aren’t just adorable—they’re delicious! The nest is made from placing sliced almonds on top of frosting, and then you make the birds using a decorating tip to pipe the mint meringue into teardrop shapes, and using icing for the eyes and a tiny almond sliver for the beak.

5. Umbrella Canopy

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Worried about April showers ruining your outdoor patio brunch? With this fun DIY umbrella canopy you don’t have to be. Simply run wire from two walls outside and then set each opened umbrella on top of the wire for a cute rain cover and sun shade.

6. DIY Paper Daisy Backdrop

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Whether you’ve got a bland wall you want covered or need a fun springtime photo backdrop, this paper daisy idea is simple, cheap and guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. To make this backdrop, all you need is a hot glue gun, scissors or a craft cutter, tape, a pencil, white and yellow paper or cardstock and a template for the petal and center of the flower (or you can just wing it). Once you trace and cut out your petals and centers, glue the petals together and a center in the middle for each flower and then tape your flowers to the desired wall. This backdrop would be a great decoration idea for a yellow-themed party, that also includes a lemonade stand and an assortment of yummy yellow desserts.

7. Ribbon-Decorated Chairs

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Turn boring chairs into celebratory ones with this easy-to-make decoration. Buy ribbon that matches the colors used on your table setting, cut them to the length you want and then tie multiple strands of varying colors to the top of each chair for festive spring flare.

8. Floral + Egg Vases

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Table decor that incorporates fresh flowers and dyed eggs—isn’t that what springtime is all about? You’ll need to pick fresh flowers and dye some hard boiled eggs, as well as get a clear, largemouth cookie jar to put everything in. Carefully stack the eggs in the jar, add water and then arrange your flowers inside the jar.

9. Pretty in Pink


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Besides a hit 80s film, Pretty in Pink is a great spring party theme for a girl’s birthday party or ladies’ lunch. Use pink and white party plates, tablecloths, tissue paper pom pom balls and balloons. And of course, you also want pink-hued foods and drinks, like pink frosted cupcakes and strawberry lemonade.

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