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10 Arts & Crafts Ideas for Adults

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Arts and crafts aren’t just a way to keep kids busy during the winter. There are plenty of adults looking for creative activities to keep them busy, give them a way to use their hands and create something beautiful.

Here are 10 ideas for any adult who’s feeling crafty.

1. Fold Up Beach Towel Bag

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Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your family beach trip. To get ready for some fun in the sun, make yourself a fold-up beach towel bag. With a beach towel, old pillow, some fabric and decent sewing skills, you can easily carry around your beach essentials (i.e. a good book and sunglasses) and never worry about them breaking. Bonus—this bag will totally complete your stylish beach-goer look and makes laying on the sand or the grass more comfortable.

2. Birch Tree Wall Art

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Looking for a fun "girls (or guys) night in" activity? Get some drinks and snacks and try painting beautiful, rustic wall art. You’ll need a canvas, masking tape, acrylic craft paint, a foam brush and small round brush, plastic card, copper leaf and metal leaf adhesive. Happy painting and partying!

3. Wine Cork Mouth-Watering Magnets

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If your girls' night included a few bottles of wine, save all the corks you safely took out using your premium quality corkscrew and wine stopper set and use them for a next-day craft that’s guaranteed to make your refrigerator pop with color. Plus, if you’re not a gardener, these mouth-watering magnets will make your guests think you’ve got a green thumb (and not just red-stained shirts).

4. Paint-Stick Lampshade

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If your house is full of boring, white lampshades...get rid of them! This unique DIY craft will transform any basic lampshade. All you need are some paint stirrer sticks, your choice of paint, twine, clothespins, hot glue and a plain cylindrical shade. Now, your lamp won’t be the only thing brightening up your room.

5. DIY LEGO Storage Container

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Organization is one key to a happy home. And if you have little kids who love LEGOs, then this easy and inexpensive craft will keep you and your kids organized, and keep your feet protected from stepping on those pesky plastic pieces. All you need is an empty Red Vines container, a can of yellow spray paint and vinyl or a black Sharpie marker. To create this storage container, empty the container, rip the label off, clean it inside and out, paint the outside of the container and then create a face on the front.

6. Easy DIY Bath Bombs

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While this craft isn’t something you can hang on your wall or display on a shelf, it is something you can enjoy and give to friends and family. Take your measuring cups and spoons, a bowl and a fork to measure out and mix together the ingredients. Then, you’ll need to use a mold to shape your bath bombs and set them on wax paper to dry overnight. Once they’re dry, drop 1-2 in a warm bath, light a scented candle and enjoy a peaceful evening in the tub.

7. Cloth Napkins

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Do you love patterns? Do you enjoy sewing? Are you looking for a way to impress your mother-in-law? Well, then this kitchen craft is right up your alley. To make your newest and cutest kitchen table decor, choose fabric, cut out a square and then stitch a double hem all the way around. That’s it—you’re done.

8. Memory Jars

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With a computer, printer, clear sheet labels and a pair of scissors, you can turn clear stacked apothecary jars into memory jars. Choose pictures that are full of memories and make you smile, and then use photo editing software to turn them black and white and resize them to fit your jar sizes. Print your photos on the clear full sheet labels, trim them with your scissors and carefully peel and stick each image to the inside of your jars. These make a perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift or for you to keep and put in your house.

9. Framed Earring Organizer

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Looking for a better way to organize your earrings? This framed earring organizer is a simple way to organize your earrings and a cute way to display them so it’s easier to choose which pair you want to wear. All you need is a picture frame and some wire mesh, and voila', you have an earring organizer and fun bedroom decor piece.

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