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Top 5 Stress Toys for Kids

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When an adult is stressed, oftentimes you might see them pacing a room or sitting at their desk with a furrowed brow and their fingers pressed tightly against their forehead.

As adults, we can usually find ways to work through our daily moments of stress. But kids need a little more help dealing with stress, which is where stress toys for kids come in.

Stress relieving kids toys are simple gadgets, but they’re quite effective. They help relieve anxiety, while simultaneously being able to boost attention, focus and even memory. Below are five of the most common types of stress toys for kids today.

1. Stress Balls

If you’ve ever owned one of these, then you know it works—and that it’s much better to take some stress-related anger out on a small, squeezable ball rather than another person. Stress balls typically are between 2-3 inches, making them easy for your child’s small hand to hold onto. Plus, stressballs come in array of colors and designs and provide some squeezable fun for your child.

2. Fidget Hand Spinners

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, the fidget spinner craze has been in full force the last few months. Every kid, and even many adults, nowadays is whipping a fidget hand spinner around their fingers. This tactile toy is a small, ball bearing gadget that rotates between your fingers and provides an enjoyable sensory experience for those using it. It’s being used to help kids who suffer from anxiety, autism and ADHD.

3. Fidgeting Foot Roller

When your child’s hands are tied up, like working on their math homework, help them deal with the stress of trying to figure out how all those numbers and symbols go together by giving them a fidgeting foot roller. Complete with two spiky but soft balls in a sturdy plastic case, your child can run their feet over the balls—spinning them backward, forward or both—to help increase their concentration. And when your child isn’t using it, you can use it to give yourself a nice foot massage. It’s a win-win contraption!

4. Sound+Sleep

Stress affects sleep. More than one-third of teenagers say stress causes them to lie awake at night, and for those who don’t get enough sleep at night, they also say their stress levels increase. So while this sound machine may not be a kids stress toy, it’s really cool and does the trick of helping people relax and fall into a deep sleep. The Sound+Sleep is above and beyond your typical white noise machine. It has 64 sound profiles you can choose from, like a fan, rainfall and the ocean, all of which don’t loop but continue evolving. And to make it even better, the Sound+Sleep monitors the environment and automatically adjusts its volume to block out any unwanted noise.

5. SensoSphere

The final item on our list isn’t a standard kids toy either; instead, it’s light therapy. But the way it works, it’s like a neat, colorful ball your kids would have in their room (just one they can’t throw or kick). The SensoSphere offers four therapeutic modes, each of which combines colors and light rhythms to induce a sense of restored mind and body wellbeing. This amazing sphere is a sensory system that beautifully combines science, art and mindfulness.

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